Live Oak Martial Arts

Dojang Conduct

  • Students should always keep in their mind the Tenets and the Student Oath.
  • Upon entering the Dojang, the student bows to the training area, then the presiding Instructor.
  • After bowing in, the student should begin stretching and warming up his or her body. Talking must be kept at a minimum, and an attitude of quiet alertness should be adopted.
  • When the Chief Instructor enters the Dojang, the senior student will call the class to attention and they will bow in unison. Then resume stretching and warming up.
  • All students should bow when facing a partner, to show respect to him/her, to the Art, and to compose the mind.
  • Upon leaving the Dojang, one bows to the training area.
  • During class, proper respect and discipline must be maintained. We are not only training our body, but also our mind, and every effort must be made to keep our attention in the present.
  • Should a student be unavoidably late, he or she should assume a seated posture at the edge of the training hall and await acknowledgment from the Instructor before coming in.
  • Idle chatter and rowdy behavior is alien to the dojang. Silence is the general rule, as we learn Tae Kwon Do with our whole bodies rather than through language.
  • Should a student need to leave early, he/she should tell the Instructor beforehand.
  • When seated on the floor, students should maintain an alert posture and silence. Often, watching others practice clears up questions in our own mind, so we should pay our attention to the instruction being given, even if we ourselves are not being taught.
  • Jewelry should be removed before practice.
  • Doboks should be laundered and pressed regularly.
  • Fingernails and toenails should be kept short for safety.
  • Always respect fellow students by observing the following: Use control in sparring and one-steps. Never laugh or make fun of a fellow student. Never display a bad temper toward a fellow student.
  • Students must obtain permission from their Sahbumnim before visiting another Dojang, entering a tournament, giving a demonstration, or teaching.