Live Oak Martial Arts

Workouts and Circuits for Home Practice

There's a saying in Taekwondo that goes; "We learn Taekwondo in the Dojang, but we master it at home." The idea here is that we have a limited amount of time in the Dojang, and we should be using that time to gather new techniques, ask questions, and get them straight in our mind, and then to go and 'woodshed' them on our own, and make them our own through practice at home. Remember, we practice TKD like we drink water - sometimes in big gulps, and sometimes in little sips.

Workout Charts


Basic Kicking

Intermediate Kicking

Advanced Kicking

Defense Drills

Attacking Drills

Forms Practice

Bar Workout

Body Shield Training

Ripcord Training

Ground Escapes

Armbar Sequence