Gentle Taekwondo

New Class! Adaptive "Gentle" Taekwondo

"Where Grace Meets Grit"

This is a no-contact class focusing on technique development and Forms study, stretching and strengthening without sparring. It's designed for students coming back after a layoff, new students, or anyone wanting to try Taekwondo without the risk of unpredictable partner practice. If you feel like you're too out of shape, too old, too new, too whatever, this is the class for you. Enjoy building strength and confidence through mastering the movements of TKD without the risk of zigging when you should have zagged. Come surprise yourself by what you're capable of!

Gentle Taekwond

Mon, Wed, Fri :: 5:45 - 6:45pm

Gentle, Adaptive Martial Arts Training in Athens, Ga