Promotion Testing

Rank Testing in Taekwondo

Rank testing is available for all Traditional Taekwondo students from White Belt through 4th degree Black Belt. Promotion testings are given four times a year: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  Color belt students who have earned all their skill stripes and Black Belt candidates who have completed the time requirement are eligible to test. Black Belts 1st degree or higher and 16 or older are eligible to sit on the testing board. There is a small testing fee due on the date of the test. All rank is certified by Amateur Athletic Union Dan Recommender Master Jason Hughes, 5th Dan. 

Payment of testing fees does not guarantee the student will pass the promotion test. Testing fees are as follows and refers to the student’s present rank, not the rank they are testing for (except black belt).

WHITE-RED -- $25. Rec. BLACK BELT -$50.   DAN TEST  -- $100

Students should arrive at the promotion testing area a few minutes early and begin stretching and warming up. 

Students should have and wear a clean dobok (uniform) and belt to the test. If the student does not have a dobok, please contact Mr. Hughes in order to get one, no later than one week before the test date. 


If a student is unable to make the promotion testing, a make-up test can be arranged. To arrange a make-up test, please contact Mr. Hughes at (706) 548-0077.

As always, if you have any questions please feel free to contact Mr. Hughes at or at 706-548-0077