Self-Defense Workshop

  Thank you so much for you interest and participation in our self-defense workshop! 

Review your new skills often to keep them top of mind. 

Mental Preparation 

“Winning by simply not losing”

Recommended reading: “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin DeBecker

Zanshin - Alert Awareness

Here, Now, This

Floodlight, spotlight 

Ma’ai - Distance Judgement

The person that controls the distance controls the fight.

Kiai – Focused Energy

Verbal - Short, loud, clear, direct.

Physical - My whole body against one part of theirs

Stand Up

“Give me 6 steps ” 




Standing Escapes

 Front - arms out, chin push

Arms in - hip push, mountain climbers

        Back - Arms out - drop and pop

Arms in - side off your hips and back hammer fist


Your home and defenses 



Practice solo and with a partner. Teach a partner/roommate and practice with them.