My daughter has been at Live Oak since the age of 12. Master Hughes is wonderful . He was the exact fit for our family . My daughter went into her first class an almost teenager with very little confidence in herself . Now at 20 she has thrived and become a very confident adult . I cannot express how happy I am with our decision to choose Master Hughes. He is a wonderful person and his teaching style is awesome . He teaches by encouragement not by pointing out flaws. It was

the best decision we have ever made for a lifelong lessons as we all want our kids to grow up ethically and able to take care of themselves .We feel like Master Hughes helped us raise our daughter  through teenage years and has always been a part of our family . Thank you Master Hughes you are the best .

Stacey and Steven O.

I have trained here for over a decade, and I am so grateful for the place that LOMA has had in my life. Master Hughes is highly knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate about martial arts. He is incredibly patient with new students whether child or adult while working to grow them into highly skilled, disciplined martial artists. I cannot recommend him enough. 

Matthew C.

I wish my son had learned about LOMA a lot sooner than he did! Master Hughes is an incredible teacher and has created a wonderful community. LOMA is very different than our experience with another martial arts school that was a franchise (and very focused on getting us to sign a long-term financial contract). LOMA does not pressure you to do that. It's a local business led by a wonderful teacher who is very patient . . . but also challenges his students to excel. I highly recommend LOMA! My son has greatly benefitted from his involvement in this community. 

Kim L.

I am a mom and do not take classes but my son does.  I have witnessed exceptional growth in my son's confidence and his social skills.  He does all three arts, Taekwondo, Jodo, and Grappling.  In all three Coach Hughes fosters a competitive spirit balanced with a team environment.  Everyone is aggressive with their skills but respectful of others. I enjoy watching the practices and being a part of it as a mom. 

Molly A.

My son has been with LOMA since first grade, now in 10th. He’s learned so much about perseverance and leadership. Mr. Hughes is wonderful with kids of all ages. Highly recommend! 

Beth G.

There cannot be a finer place to learn and train - regardless of age or skill level... nor a better teacher than Master Hughes. He has a story/ lesson/ anecdote for every form, block, kick + punch - that is rooted in tradition and experience… be it TKD, Grappling, Jodo and so much more. 

David W.

Love this place! Master Hughes is an amazing teacher -for all ages and all abilities. Such a welcoming friendly community : ) 

Amber A.

My son has been a student at LOMA for a year. We absolutely love it. Even though there are other places that teach martial arts much closer to our home, we consider LOMA to be the best and well worth our drive. Mr Hughes is a wonderful and dynamic teacher. Beyond the great physical exercise of the sport, the life lessons are invaluable. Couldn't recommend it more. 

Pat P.

For anyone considering enrolling their child or themselves in the Live Oak Martial Arts program, I wanted to post this testimonial:

A friend recommended Jason Hughes and his program because he said that it was a very flexible schedule (you can go 4 days a week or one if you like), and a great environment.

But when I put my own kids in the program…all three of them (ages 11, 6 and 3), I had no idea how much they would enjoy the program or what a positive influence on them it would be. Since they’ve been taking Tae Kwon Do, my 6 year old son’s 1st grade teacher said she noticed a change in him. She said he had become more focused and had matured and become less fidgety etc. I asked her when she noticed the change and she said in January. Unbeknownst to her, that was when he started Tae Kwon Do.

My daughter (age 11) has become more self assured physically because she knows she is learning skills that she can protect herself with, as well as having fun and getting fit. Testing for their first belts was like a rite of passage. It really helped them learn confidence and to go out and give it everything you have. And when Jason asks them what they will do if they don’t pass the test? – The whole class responds "try harder next time". What a great lesson to learn!

But its Jason’s teachings of the “tenets” of Tae Kwon Do that my children have benefited from the most. They have learned respect for themselves and others, a desire to do well, to be persistent, and to be supportive of others…you name the virtue… Jason tries to instill it. And he does it in such a way that the children are eager to learn them.

One day my three year old thought he was going to be in trouble. But it wasn’t me or his father that he was worried about. It was Mr. Hughes and the tenet of courtesy to your brother and sister. And I say this because they aren’t afraid of him, on the contrary, they don’t want to disappoint him. He has a positive, strict, but nurturing influence over his younger students. Even at my three year old's young age, I see him mastering the moves and learning excellent coordination skills under Jason's patient guidance.

Ask anyone with a child in the program and you’ll find the same resounding tone: We all feel fortunate to have found Jason and Live Oak Martial Arts. And lucky that our kids are having such a great experience while they are learning so much.

Sylvan and John Cown

"Tae Kwon Do gives (my daughter) an outlet for her energy and strengthens her ability to focus and stay on task. She often comes home eager to outdo her personal bests from previous practices. She looks forward to the day when the other students look up to her as she looks up to the higher belts."

Mrs. McClain

"We are so thankful to have Mr. Hughes working with McGowan. I appreciate your serious but gentle approach, your understanding of child psychology, and your mastery of Tae Kwon Do"

Mrs. Drewery

"I'm glad he chose Tae Kwon Do and I think us very lucky to have an instructor as good with kids; respectful, and extremely talented in Martial Arts as Jason Hughes"

Mrs. Brooks